I’m Mary Tucker from Norman, Oklahoma and my husband and I are off on a journey and an adventure to live and work in Guatemala. The entire experience has been termed by me as “The Guatemala Project.”

It all began around three years ago when I decided to change my career after being in the newspaper industry for about 15 years. I wanted to go into the emerging field of personal and professional life coaching. After much research, I chose a program at JFKU in San Diego, CA. I was in a class of over 100 in what was an international student body. We had students from Japan, Greenland, Turkey, UK, Canada and Guatemala. The program was a combination of distance format via telephone bridgeline, internet and in-residence intensives at the end of each semester of the two year program. We were assigned, at random,  a “buddy” to meet with twice weekly via telephone or VOIP. My very first buddy was an amazing woman from Guatemala. We both knew then that we had a special bond, that there was more to our pairing than a random draw. As the program went on, we each had other buddies but stayed in contact.

In the summer, we discussed a visit to Guatemala. She had invited me and my husband a year earlier, but it did not work out. This visit, however, was for a different reason. We had been in discussions about the possibility of working together in Guatemala. After a two week working stay, we began working together via internet connection and I have been  coaching Guatemalan clients via Skype. Now it is time to leave Oklahoma and live and work  in Guatemala City.

This blog is a record of that process, a raw stream of experience as we live out a new direction in our lives.

Thank you for reading.


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