It’s 3:00am and I can’t sleep

Since I can’t sleep, I thought that I’d write a blog entry. Right now, I can hear motor cycles speeding up and down the Avenue. They are the guys who deliver the morning paper to all of the apartment buildings around us. I’m not sure how it works, but somehow the paper magically appears at our neighbors door every morning. I leave for work by about 6:30am and his paper is always right outside his door. We don’t take the paper as it is entirely in spanish. However, to that point, I have to say that my spanish comprehension is improving to the point that I can understand about 80% of what I read and hear. Putting a sentence together is still a challenge for me, but I’m improving.

It’s been a real adventure for us to live in such a big city. I’ve enjoyed it very, very much and it has been an experience that will obviously be a memory of a lifetime. We have decided not to return after our trip home to see Heather graduate. Our plan is to spend the summer on the lake and take it easy. I can work from anywhere with my computer and Skype, so there is no point in staying here. I miss my family and my stupid cats, Harley and Davidson. They have been staying with Jerry’s daughter and I’m grateful for her support with that. 

These are my daughters and my cats. Notice that I placed the girls first. Mother love, what can I say?


We call this the "infamous sister pic" because it's appeared everywhere, even on a blanket they had made for me one Christmas. From l to r, Brooke (#3), Jennifer (#1), Heather (#5), Stephanie (#2) and Hillary (#4)

We call this the "infamous sister pic" because it's appeared everywhere, even on a blanket they had made for me one Christmas. From l to r, Brooke (#3), Jennifer (#1), Heather (#5), Stephanie (#2) and Hillary (#4)




This is Davidson snuggled up with Jerry on the houseboat

This is Davidson snuggled up with Jerry on the houseboat


Harley with Davidson in the background

Harley with Davidson in the background

We have enjoyed the balcony of our apartment and often have coffee and cocktails there as we look out over the city. Yesterday evening was a great time to be outside, spending time together and just relaxing. Notice that I have wine and Jerry has a new adult beverage we made up on accident. It’s freshly sqeezed Limon (limes, they don’t have yellow lemons here) made into limonade, and Guatemalan rum. Kind of like a whiskey sour, I guess. Anyway, it’s pretty good!


Mary at cocktail hour on the apartment balcony

Mary at cocktail hour on the apartment balcony

One day last week I was standing on the balcony, looking at the airport. We are so close that we can watch every plane, large and small and every helecopter landing and taking off. So, I was watching a flock of black birds flying around near the runway and thinking of the birdstrike that brought down the plane in NYC, when they started flying toward me. Remember that we are on the 10th floor. As they got closer to me, it seemed as if one of them might have red on its head. That bird and one other flew directly toward me, coming within about 20 feet before it flew straight up and over our apartment building. It was a guacamaya or macaw in the City, flying freely as if it were in the jungle. Very rare. Jerry actually caught a glipse of it the next day, but we haven’t seen it since. 

Now it’s 4:00am and I still can’t sleep. The city is beginning to wake up as I hear the traffic starting down the avenue below. Pretty soon the red buses will begin their routes and they will barely slow down to let people on, while a guy stands at the door shouting for people to hurry. It’s crazy how many people they cram into one bus. Seriously! It is not unusual to see people standing, all crammed together I might add, at the back door, hanging on to a rail and hanging out of the bus. I often wonder how many people are injured in the process. I did learn that the red buses are public and the fancy, tricked out buses are privately owned and operated.  They all spew black smoke out of the tail-pipe because they aren’t properly maintained. I just hate that part because it’s difficult to see such a place of magnificent natural beauty being so poluted.

Driving here is another adventure that I’ve written about before, but now that we’ve been here for a few months, driving everyday (Jerry drives), it is absolutely insane. For instance, if you want to make a right turn and you’re in the left lane, no problem. You just cut across and in front of someone who may or may not honk their horn. Mostly they don’t care too much and I suppose there exists some kind of unstated agreement among drivers. Beats me, but I know it will be an adjustment to drive in the States again, what with all those silly and enforced traffic laws and all!

I’m still not sleepy, but I’ve written enough for now. I think I’ll try reading some more of Ayn Rand’s novel, Atlas Shrugged. That might put me right to sleep! Just kidding.


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  1. Ann said,

    March 9, 2009 at 3:41 pm

    You are so very beautiful!

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