Quick update

The weeks have been really flying by since I started work on January 12th. Much of my time is spent working, but we make time every weekend to get out and about and have fun. There are so many wonderful places to explore here that even a Saturday walk yeilds new discoveries around every corner. We feel very safe to walk all over our large neighborhood and it is rich in both culture and modern shops. I’m feeling more comfortable with the armed guard in front of every business. I don’t really notice them most of the time. When I do, I see that they, too are a part of this interesting and emerging country. The bottom line is that in Guatemala, security is largely a private industry and a BIG one.

We have gotten into a daily routine that is comforting, but thrilling at the same time. Business is growing and we are working to get our new website launched. We are very blessed and happy and enjoying the weather. Speaking of weather, I read online about the tornadoes in OKC area this afternoon and I hope that everyone is safe and well. We send our best to you all.

Check back in a few days for new photo uploads.


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  1. Rick Morgan said,

    February 24, 2009 at 5:17 pm

    Tuesday, February 24 ………. just a short note to say hello and let you know I’m keeping up with you two through this site…glad all is well and will be glad to see you in April….want to send mail but honestly, it doesn’t look like anything important so maybe I shouldn’t …. you might advise…. want to take you and Jerry to dinner with Vicki when you get here… plan on me picking you up at the airport ?? Miss you both… again, I’m really proud for you and your success…

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