Surf’s up and there’s black sand, too!

The work week went by quickly. We added two new corporate clients which is an additional 14/15 people plus the corporate sessions. We are busy, but I can honestly say that I have never been more satisfied with my working life and my career. It is a constant inspiration to me to see this work taken to the corporate level and I am personally compelled to continue my own personal growth. What we do with our brand of coaching is not the normal workshop or seminar or even week-long intensive training. We work with the core person and help them reveal aspects of themselves that have been long forgotten but are running their lives at work and at home. We take them through a 12 or 16 week process in which they gain education, awareness and tools to create the life they choose. It is the only process for sustainable growth that I am aware of. But, enough about work.

We had the opportunity to go to the beach this weekend and it was a trip I will NEVER forget. The trip out of the City and through the country side was full of surprises such as homes that have palm thatched roofs…you know, the kink you see at a Carribean resort covering the bar. The difference is that these are homes, both small and large, that use interwoven palm leaves laced artfully on palm beams as quite literally the roofs over their heads. It is still done the way it has always been done since the Mayans.

Our friends told us that we would have to drive our car on a ferry to take us down the river to the location of the resort. We followed them in our car and took in the culture. We came along side a river with some handmade, wooden boats scattered along the banks. We noted that some of them were large, low and flat. These had a single outboard motor mounted on the back. We stopped for a moment then were motioned forward by a local man. He laid out two  2×12 boards connecting this odd looking boat with the shore in front of us, then motioned for us to move forward. It suddenly occurred to us that this was the barge. It was big enough for our little white car and an Explorer, which was our friends car. The guy on the shore pulled up the 2×12 boards, threw them on the boat and the next thing we knew we were motoring down a river. It felt like I was lost in an episode of “The African Queen.”  Did I mention there was water in the bottom of the boat? Well, there was.

The river trip took about 30 minutes and we passed other boats with cars and/or people and a few fisherman who were throwing out a net. Finally, we saw another shore and our “captain” eased us up close enough that a new guy on the shore could readh the 2x12s that were now going to be our way off the boat….backwards. I told Jerry that I bet none of his truck driving buddies ever had to back up off a boat on a couple of boards.

I asked our friend to give me some historical background on the ruins of an aquaduct system that I have seen in Guatemala City. He told me that they aren’t really that old, only a few hundred years or so, since the capital was moved from Antigua to Guatemala City after the eruption of Volcan de Aqua and eath quakes destroyed the city. I thought about that for a moment and then I thought about how old the United States is and the contrast between what we each considered “old” was startling. I have always known we are a young country and have seen ancient ruins across the pond before, but the thought that someday there might be ruins of old cities in North America seems alien to me.

The beach is only about 90 miles away and it is an entirely different world. The climate is about 20 degrees F warmer for starters. It was about 90 degrees F. I was in heaven just to feel the strength and warth of the sun on my face. We stayed at a very small resort there where there are about 20 individual huts or cabins. Each has a front porch complete with hammock and chairs and are topped with the palm roofs I mentioned. Our cottage had two big king beds and one single and a bath with a large shower. There were two beautiful pools, lush  and well manicured grounds, a bar and a wonderful restaurant. Situated right on the beach, the view was spectacular! Black sand and blue water. I’ve never seen black sand before and it is simply beautiful. 

The highlight of the day on Saturday for me was when we walked down the beach to a sea turtle rescue facility. Giant sea turtles have been returning to this beach for hundreds of years to lay there eggs. Because the eggs have little chance of surviving the preditors of the beach, like us for example, they dig the eggs up, hundreds of them and rebury them inside the safety of the sanctuary. As the eggs hatch, the tiny sea turtles are liberated. We were told that only about 20% will live to adulthood, but in about 5 years or so, those survivors will be back to lay there eggs in the exact same spot from where they were liberated. 

The sanctuary has an adoption program, meaning for a donation people can liberate a tiny turtle or two. The event takes place at sunset, giving the little guys a chance to make it. It was humbling for me to hold this tiny creature in my hands and know that it must find its way in a giant ocean. I whispered my wishes for a long life and let my turtle go…I liberated him and he heading straight toward the pounding surf, not knowing why, but knowing that he must. I was reminded that nature is both beautiful and brutal. My little turtle marched bravely toward the surf, over the black sand along with a hundred or so fellow hatchlings and when they got close enough the sweeping hand of the surf reached out to them and lifted them up for a moment, then pulled them into the the waiting water. 

Here are some pics of the excursion back in time. We had a blast!!



  1. Stephanie Adams-Hawkins said,

    February 4, 2009 at 7:49 pm

    That may be the place I was telling you about, ARCAS. They have a sea turtle rescue as well. Looks like you had fun.

  2. Laura Wolf said,

    February 18, 2009 at 11:21 am

    Wow! Reading that clip was like reading a novel, and I loved it. The pictures as well. I take it Jerry made it just fine across the boards but I wish I had seen him do it! And the turtles….what can I say but “awwwwwww”. It’s facinating to think they(hopefully) will make it to the ocean. Looks like you two are eating well and having a great time exploring. Kepp more chapters of this “novel” coming….LOL

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