Picture update

We have had another BEAUTIFUL day in Guatemala City. The weather has been perfect. I woke up this morning to birds singing, the volcanoes looming large just outside my window, with Pacaya spouting off. I can’t explain how beautiful this country is and how tremdously wonderful the people here are. We continue to meet great people! Lucky  us 🙂

I left the office around 2:00pm and came home to a tremendously lucious lunch prepared by Connie, our maid. She prepared the most wonderful “sopa” or soup with chicken, spinach and rice and a beautiful rose drink. Jerry took her to shop for everything she needed to feed us for the week in the morning. Connie rocks…that’s all I can say. She shopped for us, cooked for us, did all the laundry,including bedding, cleaned the entire apartment and took black beans home to cook at her house for us because they take more time than she has on any day here since she only works four hours at a time.

She has also accepted another job cleaning our offices three days a week. I have discovered that Connie is very selective for whom she works and she works for some very important people. This woman is an example for us all because she finds pride in what she does and how she does it and for whom she works. She left me this afternoon with a sweet embrace and wishes for a great weekend. Keep in mind that we have not paid this woman a dime yet. She requested that she be paid the last Friday of every month. Are we blessed or what?

Around 5:00pm today, we drove to la Zona Viva, which isn’t very far (we past walk past there every Sunday) and we stopped by the bar “Cheers” and had an adult beverage. It was just a bar, but it’s an American bar and we’ve been told that anytime cast members of the show “Cheers” are in Guate, they stop by there. How often that happens, we have no idea.

Tomorrow we are leaving for Antigua around 9:00am and plan to spend the day. If we don’t leave in time to get home before dark, we will stayin a B&B there. The road between Antigua and GC gets dangerous affter dark as we’ve been told by locals.

I’ve been telling Jerry that he need to make some blog entries and I think he’s thinking about it! Let him know that you want to hear from HIM! Life according to Jerry is always an awesome perspective. Let him know!!!

Now, here are some more recent pictures we’ve taken of daily life.


Mary and Jerry "Toast" another fine day

Mercado Guatemal

Mercado Guatemal

Pacaya speaks

Pacaya speaks

Friday evening traffic

Friday evening traffic


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