Back to work

It may be apparent by the gap in my posts that I went back to work on Monday. We were also able to purchase a car! I’ll post pics later, but we purchased a 2005 Huyundi Elantra. It’s a very basic little four door white sedan, although we DO have a spoiler on the trunk! Ha ha ha ha ha ha. It makes me happy to look at it but it sure feels weird to drive after the Expedition! 

Traffic itself is just the most crazy, crazy thing. There are no rules, or if there are, they are not observed and do not seem to be enforced. I have no guess as to how many motor scooters, like Honda 250s, are on the roads, but they are everywhere, like bees buzzing all around and darting in and out of lanes and traffic. It makes me nervous! One must be very careful even changing lanes because the scooters drive between lanes as fast as they can. It would be easy to knock off several of them on any given day. Surprisingly, we have NOT seen an accident of any kind since we have been here. Nada! But,  I feel like I’m in the Indy 500 every time we go out! 

The office has been busy with clients this week. It was so fun to hear the phone ring for the first time and we have had a productive week. Truth be told, working from  home sounds like a good idea, but it is better for me to have an office to go to and people to work with, notice emphasis on with. I enjoy the interaction.

I have made some progress on my spanish and am understanding more of what is being said daily, but making sentences that make sense is rare. It’s coming along though and Jerry and I have plans to attend a night class together, so that will be fun. Language is such an interesting thing and I cherish this opportunity to absorb a new language at this time in my life. I do have to say that I have felt the pinch of the arrogance often expressed in the U.S. regarding language. As Jerry and I have been fumbling our way along no one has said,”We speak spanish here. Learn it or go back where you came from!” The people we have met have been very accomodating and helpful.

This post would not be complete if I did not express my gratitude to the people of Guatemala that we have been fortunate enough to brush shoulders with. Each and every person we have met, from many walks of life, have been gracious and have shown us every kindness possible. This is such a learning experience for us in everyday acts of random kindness. In a country that has huge security issues, the people are not hard or bitter as far as I can tell. I say that with one caveat: this is a country, like so many others, that has known deep pain, tragedy, predjudice and injustice that resulted in 36 years of civil war at its ugliest. I know virtually nothing about this country and its history, but I do know that it is a magical land of beauty and eternal spring and hope. I’m honored to be here.


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