One week today

We’ve officially been in Guate for one week today and it’s been an adventure to say the least. Back to the lanuguage barrier. We went to the farmacia yesterday to get a prescription filled and there was just no way to communicate with the young man on duty. Was he a pharmacist? We don’t know. He looked pretty young to me. I gave him the bottle and he read it and read it and got on his computer, then looked at the bottle again and kept asking me something in spanish. I could understand part of what he was saying, but apparently not the important part. Finally he pointed to his head and went and got me some Motrin. We left there and stopped at another farmacia and there was someone who spoke english and gave me the perscription. Which leads me to believe that a prescription must not be required to obtain  medications here. I’ll check that out to be sure.

We drove the route to my office today so I know that I can get there now! Very easy route, against the traffic so the drive will take about 15 minutes. No problem. I’ll post photos when I have them. We drove around the city a little and found Union Church, which is an english speaking protestant church that is interdenominational.  Through the church there are many offerings and a large english speaking community. I also have made contact with an American woman who lives here and is the vice president of the Guatemalan-American Society. The mission of this group is to promote positive relations between Americans and Guatemalans. It’s membership is mostly social, but they do have a charitable project each year that contributes to Guatemalan society. That’s sounds very interesting to us. 

Tomorrow is Pasos y Pedales again and I am sure we’ll go out and walk again and enjoy the festive atmosphere. We’ll listen for people speaking english. We understand there are often many Americans on the street at that time. Regardless, we are really enjoying the spring like weather. It’s almost hot today because there isn’t much of a breeze.  Adios!


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